The morning of Charlotte and Frank’s Maine wedding I hopped on my bike and pedaled along the coast of Cape Newagen to catch a ferry boat that would take me to Squirrel Island for their ceremony.  The swing bridge began to open as I approached, and for a moment as the lights started flashing and gates swung down I was nervous the delay might make me late for my boat ride before remembering I left an hour early, and pedal faster than the average wedding photographer.  With that in mind I relaxed and watched a few sailboats pass through in front of me, heading out to sail around Boothbay Harbor for the day.  I showed up to the dock with plenty of time to spare so I grabbed an ice cream and sat on a bench looking out at the harbor, it was literally a mini-vacation! That vacation-like experience continued for the entire day as I had the pleasure of capturing Charlotte & Franks beautiful wedding as an associate for Alexandra Roberts Photography – from boat rides to bowling at the Newagan Seaside Inn and everything in between. Congratulations Charlotte & Frank!